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Be a distributor

Why become a distributor?

Because of our industry experience and knowledge.

Atlantis was founded in 1990. Since day one we are focused on earning international recognition and becoming the best company in the sector. Today, Atlantis products are available in the point-of-sale of the major mobile carriers and retailers in Spain.

Atlantis is a renowned company in the Spanish market. Our products are being sold in over 20 countries and its international presence keeps growing each year.

Our Customer Service.

We provide a friendly and professional customer service. We keep the customer informed about the order’s status, news and anything relevant regarding our products.

The packaging, labeling and quality control processes are performed in our facilities.

The manufacture of our components and accessories fully comply with the European Union legislation.

We support our customers in sales and with promotion material (rags, leaflets, posters, bags, etc.) designed in-house by our design and marketing team. A permanent stock of over 1 million units allows us to deliver all orders in 24 and 48 hours.

Our customers have full access to our private area to optimize the product management. Where they will find marketing support material such as videos, high resolution photos, product information PDFs, etc.

Our Team.

Atlantis is made up of over 80 professionals from all over the world. Our multi-cultural perspective is a key factor that allows us to build an excellent business relationship in any market.

Our sales department consists of 30 sales representatives that take care of the Spanish and International network. With a professional and friendly attitude they manage queries, purchases and advice new and settled customers about trending products.

We have 10 additional phone sales advisors working from our central office who also manage orders, providing the best assistance to our customers.

Our logistic and warehouse department is made up of 20 employees, who daily take care of the packaging and shipment in the best timeframe.

The back office department consists of 14 employees providing the best service in purchasing, SKU management, stock control, promotional shows and exhibitions.

Our technical department tests all products and their functionalities, guarantying our high quality standards and compatibility. They also support our customers solving their technical queries.


Atlantis is renowned for its cool, attractive and ergonomic packaging. We provide the best packaging design solution to make the most out of our customers’ exhibition shelves.

Excellent packaging has always been a key element of our success.


Our product portfolio is one of the most extensive in the market. We have over 3,000 references and over 1 million units permanently in stock.

We are committed to quality and innovation. We provide excellent service and a broad product range that satisfy the user demands. Based on these pillars, Atlantis has become one of the international leading brands.

Why buy Atlantis products?

Because our proven quality and compliance with Spanish and European legislation standards.

Over 20 years of experience in the industry guarantee high quality in Atlantis products and services that comply with the European Community and Spanish legislation standards.

Because your mobile device deserves the best.

When you own a handset you want to keep it in the best shape as long as possible. Our accessories and solutions are all about taking care of your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet and action camera.

We design our products always having in mind comfort, technology and our customer needs in order to pamper your mobile device.

Our excellent design and packaging.

We offer good looking accessories that dress your handset suiting your life style. But that is not enough; we also provide an attractive packaging that always brings the buyers’ attention.

Product insurance and warranty.

AXA Group, a prestigious insurance company, covers any responsibility for our products.

Atlantis products have a 2 year warranty and limited lifetime products (consumables) have a 6 month warranty.

Third-party products have their own WarrantyPolicy,they usually have a 2 year warranty, except for consumables products.


Atlantis Internacional S.L. applies various security measures to ensure a safe online payment. However, Atlantis Internacional S.L. is not responsible and will never be liable for unauthorized charges made while or after the customer has logged-in into his or her account in our Website customer area.

It is the customer’s responsibility to safeguard his or her access information and to log-out correctly every time he or she uses our Website.