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The 5 accessories you need for making the most of your GoPro or action camera this summer
Are you planning to spend your summer outdoors, by the sea or at the mountains? Will you enjoy the swimming pool or some music festival? Wherever you go, your GoPro or action camera will be the perfect ally to capture the best moments of your vacatio [...]
Arm Robot Project 0: How to calibrate the servomotors without mechanical end stops
While you assemble the Arm Robot, calibrate the 4 servomotors included. The correct functioning of the servomotors will depend on the calibration. Material 1 Servomotor 1 Build&Code UNO board 1 Sensor shield Build&Code 1 USB cable W [...]
Code & Drive Chasis template
Dress your Code&Drive as you like, you can design its chassis and put it over it. Here you can download a truck chassis template, you just need to print it, cut it and paste it. You can also use this template as a starting point to make your own [...]
Build and Code 4in1 Board
The Ebotics Build&Code 4in1 board is based on Arduino UNO board, they both have the same microcontroller Atmel MEGA 328P. The main differences are: This board is included in the next Ebotics products: Code&Drive and Mini Lab. To code and [...]
Mini Lab Project: Demo with all its components
Exercise Use the potentiometer to control the LED brightness and to control the servo motor movement. Use the button to turn ON/OFF a LED, and also to make a buzzer sound with a song. Use the light sensor to turn ON/OFF a LED depending if it rec [...]