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KSIX Mobile Tech
Ksix, your mobile Life Style!

Ksix Mobile Tech was created in 2006 by Atlantis Internacional S.L., the leading company in the Spanish mobile device accessories distribution market.

Ksix is committed to quality and innovation. We combine technology and comfort in order to have the best product catalogue forMobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets and Action Cameras.

Ksix stands for mobile protection (case) and the year the brand was released (six).

We offer a wide range of cutting edge handset accessories and gadgets. Our main product categories are Audio, Protection, Power, Car and Connectivity.

We develop innovative solutions applying the latest technology, always having in mind new mobile trends and functions for all handheld and portable devices in the market.

Our team consists of over 80 professionals to ensure the best service and products.

Based on the structure and experience of Atlantis, we offer competitive pricing, efficient logistics and an engaging and user oriented customer service.

Ksix is a renowned leading brand in the Spanish market. Our products are available online and at the major mobile and electronics retail stores.

We have an extensive distribution network that covers over 20 countries throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


Ksix Made for Xperia™

In 2013, Atlantis Internacional S.L. announced an agreement with Sony™ to include Ksix Mobile Tech in the License Partnership Program label “Made for Xperia™”.

The Ksix Made for Xperia™ collection offers screen protectors, covers, folio cases and flip cases for all Xperia™ models. Our high quality Ksix Made for Xperia™ products are manufactured in Europe.

Ksix Made for iPhone™

Since 2010 Ksix’ chargers for Apple™ devices are certified by Apple™ with the labels “Made for iPhone™” and “Made for iPad™”. Our products undergo strict production and quality controls to ensure a high level of quality and innovation.

Our new Lightning™ connectors consolidate Ksix as a certified accessories manufacturer for Apple™ products. We offer charging solutions for all iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod™ generations.

Ksix Go&Play

The Ksix Go&Play collection is focused on high quality stereo headphones and microphones optimized for listening to music and making phone calls. The Go&Play Headphones are compatible with iPhone and Samsung devices, as well as with most of the mobile phones models in the market.

Ksix Go&Play collection also features fast link Bluetooth Speakers with NFC technology and other value-added features such as card readers and Tablet support.